What are 5 things I can do make your website better.

5 Ways to Make Your Website BetterWith the introduction of HTML 5 and CSS3 in October of 2014 and the focus of content by the search engines such as Google and Bing,  it has never been more important than it is in today’s internet environment to have your website error free and for each page to meet search engine criteria.

The first way you can make your website better is to make sure all your images have alt tags (alternative tags).  Before you pay for a site audit,  take the time to go through your site and make sure all your images have alt tags and place keywords in your alt tags for that page if applicable.  You can also use Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster tools to find missing alt tags.  If you are using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress you may find that even though you entered an alt tag, it may not be showing.  If this is the case, your image most likely is going through a plugin, such as an image rotators, and the writer of the plugin did not include the alt tag in his coding and will have  missing alt tags.

You can also make your website better by choosing a keyword or long-tailed keyword for each page. Use a different keyword/key-phrase for each page.  Include the keyword/long-tailed keyword in the heading, page title, page URL if possible, content (multiple times), and meta description. For WordPress,  SEO by Yoast if a great plug-in that makes this easy.  Joomla also let’s you enter these settings.

Make sure your page/article has at least 300 word. Quality content is important part of every website. You can read more in this article about quality content here.   I’ve heard some say 500-700 is recommended, but if you have the rest of the page well optimized you can get away with 300 words.

Have an image on every page with alt tags in place (see #1).

Lastly, and most importantly,  make your website mobile friendly.  Mobile usage has shot up with the increased usage of smart phones and note pads, if your site is not mobile friendly it will suffer in the search engines results.  If someone on a mobile device searches for your keyword,  your site may never show in mobile search results unless your site is mobile friendly.  If your site is a static style site (meaning you can’t log into the administration to adjust the content of the site),  you would need to edit your style sheet to get your site mobile friendly. It might be cheaper to just upgrade to a CMS such as WordPress to get the desire results.  If you have a CMS,  there are many plug-ins or modules that will make your site mobile friendly, however, these set general mobile perameters and you may find part of your site that do not look the you want them to.  The best soulution would be to get a new theme built that is mobile friendly.

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