Special Hearts - My first website before GTL web designBefore GTL Web Design, There was a family of 4 that was homeschooling their 2 children in the high desert in California, just north of San Diego County.  My wife was part of an online homeschooling community that shared ideas.  One platform that that many of them started using was a fairly new blog….WordPress.  One tech savvy mom was teaching everyone how create their own self-hosted WordPress blog/website and my wife followed suite.

One day I heard…..”Honey,  can you help me”,  that’s synonymous with a huge add to the ‘honey do’ list!  And so it was, In fact, eventually became GTL Web Design.

My wife had succeeded in creating her own self-hosted WordPress website and had chosen a theme that she liked….sort of.  She had ideas, but couldn’t get the website to do what she wanted it to do and it was now my job to do just that.  Make it happen.

I started making changes to the style sheet and several mistakes ensued. I started by making live…yes live…edits to the style sheet and at first all was well.  I didn’t know about making backups,  I didn’t know about setting up a server on my computer and I didn’t know about ftp access.  It didn’t take long till….I made a mistake…..I didn’t have a back-up, so I couldn’t go back.  I was in trouble and so the journey begun.

Maggie and Ian in the header.With a lot of trial and error, we finally came up with something she liked,  nothing fancy.  The site had a few key function.  It was a resource place for other homeschoolers to find learning aids with a special emphasize on special needs kids.  You see,  my son has high functioning autism and he has severe Dyslexia.  She also had a page for our story and we also put together some learning aids that my wife had created.

The header was an picture I had taken of my wife with my sons head on her shoulder.  I also sketched a couple of pictures of my son as well.  One was of him rocking during a meltdown and the other was of him sitting learning to read.

It was at that time, I decided to go back to school to learn web design.  I enrolled in some classes in the local community college and a new chapter began.

You can still find her blog/website Special Hearts, the skin or theme has changed a few times over the years and she hasn’t updated the content recently, but she has aspiration someday to continue working with her website to help other parents of high functioning autism.


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