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Color of Blue Tortilla chipsWhat color makes you hungry? While doing some research recently for a new web site  for a restaurant, I decided to Google “What color makes you hungry” and was surprised by the results.

I originally was aiming at using blues and greens, but when I did the research, I found that it was red’s and oranges that makes you hungry.

I’ve always been aware that color can affect your moods and am aware that advertisers spend much time finding out how color in their ads affect people.  Red usually expresses anger or danger green is comforting.  I never realized red and orange were related to hunger.

But it makes sense,  I’ve love to eat tortilla chips,  but blue tortilla chips for me, even thought they taste the same,  are not very appetizing to me.  I expect tortillas to be a tan-ish color and do not expect them to be blue, so that does  need to be taken into account,  but I’d much rather they be red or orange. Continue reading

Social MarketingSocial Marketing when done right can drive visitors to your website and business but done wrong,  your visitors may see your social pages but will miss your website and all it has to offer.

So let’s start with blogging.  I know….the dirty word…blog. We don’t have to name it ‘blog’ or even refer to it as a blog.   This page is a page the conveys the most recent new of your company.  We can call it ‘Latest News’, ‘What’s Happening’,  ‘The Latest’ etc.  you can be clever in your page title. Continue reading