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Fix Mobile Usability  - Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is starting to send notices to website owners  –  “Fix Mobile Usability Issue Found”.  This notice is letting you know that your website has some or all of your pages out of compliance for mobile usage.  These notice’s are coming at the heels of an announced algorithm change that will happen on April 21st.  Zinib from Google say’s that 50% of all searches are done on mobile devices.  They also said that these new updates will effect websites more that both Panda and Penguin.  The bottom line is, you site will not rank on the new algorithms when searched on mobile devices and you will see a drop in traffic to your website!

If you have received this letter and you are serious about maintaining a productive website, you should consider talking to your web developer or finding a new one that is capable of designing a mobile friendly website.  Even if your web site has been built in the last 2 years and your web designer was still using old school methods,  your website may not be in compliance.  You can check this by going to you Google webmaster tools – Search Traffic – Mobile Usability and they will give a list of pages that are not mobile friendly.  Your web developer can also help you with this as well.

With HTML 5 and CSS3, the consortium introduced a complete new set of parameters targeting mobile usage.  We can now set different design views for different screen sizes.  Designer must now be more diligent on whether they choose size parameters in pixels or percents.


What are 5 things I can do make your website better.

5 Ways to Make Your Website BetterWith the introduction of HTML 5 and CSS3 in October of 2014 and the focus of content by the search engines such as Google and Bing,  it has never been more important than it is in today’s internet environment to have your website error free and for each page to meet search engine criteria.

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Alt-TagsAfter looking at several WordPress websites ‘alt tags’, I noticed that even though we had gone through the entire site and added alt tags when they were missing and placing keywords within our alt tags, I notice a common problem.  The alt tags were missing from most of the image sliders, even though we had added them in the ‘Media Library’.

With many of these plugin’s, they don’t take the time to add the alt tag into the coding for SEO purposes.

I thought I would cover how we fixed one site that was using Custom Fields with an ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) :Repeater Field that we had inherited from a different designer.  The repeater was on the front page and the original coding looked like this: Continue reading

Creating Quality Content for your websiteEveryone wants their website to rank well with the search engines, but few are willing to put in the time energy in to building quality content for their website.  Quality content is the key to building a following on your site,  and to keep that following, it is important to continue adding that quality content on a consistent basis.

Before you decide to pour money into your site in the form of SEO services,  build a site that people will want to visit and stay awhile,  that means create an interest in your service or product that will want the viewer of your site wanting to see more of what you are about. Continue reading

Categories and Tags in WordPressBasically the difference between an categories and tags in WordPress is that categories are hierarchical and tags are not.

Huh, what does that mean? Well that means, that categories can be arranged in a hierarchy and tags,  well, they are all on their own.

Why do I need to use categories and tags in WordPress,  what do they do?

You must have at least one category selected with a post,  if you do not select one, it will be listed as ‘uncategorized’ .  I do recommend you select a category for all your posts.  As time goes on, and the number of your posts on your website increase, you will find it harder and harder to find your older posts if you don’t give them a category.  Look at it as kind of a filing cabinet. Continue reading

Color of Blue Tortilla chipsWhat color makes you hungry? While doing some research recently for a new web site  for a restaurant, I decided to Google “What color makes you hungry” and was surprised by the results.

I originally was aiming at using blues and greens, but when I did the research, I found that it was red’s and oranges that makes you hungry.

I’ve always been aware that color can affect your moods and am aware that advertisers spend much time finding out how color in their ads affect people.  Red usually expresses anger or danger green is comforting.  I never realized red and orange were related to hunger.

But it makes sense,  I’ve love to eat tortilla chips,  but blue tortilla chips for me, even thought they taste the same,  are not very appetizing to me.  I expect tortillas to be a tan-ish color and do not expect them to be blue, so that does  need to be taken into account,  but I’d much rather they be red or orange. Continue reading

Social MarketingSocial Marketing when done right can drive visitors to your website and business but done wrong,  your visitors may see your social pages but will miss your website and all it has to offer.

So let’s start with blogging.  I know….the dirty word…blog. We don’t have to name it ‘blog’ or even refer to it as a blog.   This page is a page the conveys the most recent new of your company.  We can call it ‘Latest News’, ‘What’s Happening’,  ‘The Latest’ etc.  you can be clever in your page title. Continue reading

Bad Page AnalysisThe page analysis tab in Yoast is very extensive and would take more than one post to cover all of the ways it will analyze your post. To get the most from this article, I suggest reading ‘SEO Meta Tag Settings’ first. I’ll start by showing you a weak post then we will show a stronger post. To get the SEO plugin to activate though, you must first have a Focus Keyword. I chose a bad one so we can start with many suggestions as possible from the.

Once you have your general setting done with your focus keyword in all your meta tags (see SEO Meta Tag Settings). Start to use the Page Analysis to fine tune your setting. Continue reading

Wordpress by Yoast - General SettingsMeta Tag Settings: As I help my clients write blogs that are search engine friendly,  I thought I would go over some of the general meta tag settings.

I’m using a WordPress plug-in called SEO by Yoast which is considered one of the best SEO plug-ins for WordPress.

When you start a post, write your post as you want it to read.  It is important to find an image for all your posts.  I use for most of my images when I don’t produce it myself.  It is only about a $1.40 per image and well worth it.  It is good to have each post to have at lease 150 words to start.  It is recommended you have approximately 300 words.
Meta Tag general settings Continue reading

spammingWhat the heck is referral Spam? I was looking a my Google Analytics from my WordPress dashboard today using a great plugin that let you see your analytics right from with the WordPress Dashboard.  I notice one of my top visited pages was ‘Co.lumb’.  Hey wait a minute,  that’s not one of my pages,  what up with that!!

With a little research I found out this is called ‘referrer spam’  and is aimed at search engines.  it repeatedly  makes requests using a fake ‘referrer’ URL that leads to the spammers desired website to spread their ads.

You may also see these url’s show as the ‘Top Referrers’ to your site.  these mostly originate in Russia and some common ones are ‘, ‘’, and the list goes on and is growing.

Trying to block such sites ip address is useless since they change it periodically just for that reason.  The best way to block this is to add a simple line of code to your .htaccess files which can be access through your file manager on your server.

Just add the copy (change the .com to the offending .com) and if you have more than one like I do,  just add a new line and specify a new referrer.
SetEnvIfNoCase Referer spambot=yes
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Deny from env=spambot

You can find out more information about ‘Referrer Spam’  from these sites: