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Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday – Fix My Photo

Fix My Photo built in 2007 Fix My Photo .com was a static style tutorial website that was built back in 2007 which stayed live until 2013.  The site actually generated a token amount of income even though the site was built mostly as a learning tool.

You can’t see this on the front page but the site uses an interactive Flash player where you can rollover some text and an example of that correction would be displayed. The site was broken into 3 sections depending on the difficulty  of the image repair: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and each page had it’s own interactive flash player. Lastly is had a contact page (no contact form) just information. I generated all the navigation button by hand and was a fun site to build.

The site was still built using external Cascading Style sheets (CSS) and ‘Divs’ instead of tables.   We have never designed a website using table and I am surprised how many website, even today, are build using tables.

Special Hearts - My first website before GTL web designBefore GTL Web Design, There was a family of 4 that was homeschooling their 2 children in the high desert in California, just north of San Diego County.  My wife was part of an online homeschooling community that shared ideas.  One platform that that many of them started using was a fairly new blog….WordPress.  One tech savvy mom was teaching everyone how create their own self-hosted WordPress blog/website and my wife followed suite.

One day I heard…..”Honey,  can you help me”,  that’s synonymous with a huge add to the ‘honey do’ list!  And so it was, In fact, eventually became GTL Web Design.

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Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast Website built by GTL Web DesignBack in 2010 we designed a new website for the Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast.  The customer chose ‘’ as their URL.  The business was owned at the time by an out of state investor who had hired a local Alaskan to manage the business. He was a chef and had a background in the food industry that made him a good fit for a bed and breakfast.

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Cookies Country GreenhouseCookies Country Greenhouse in Homer Alaska is our longest standing client and we are pleased they have chosen us as their web designer for so many years.  We first developed a static website for Ron and Cooking back in 2009, it originally was a dual site serving their greenhouse and a rental unit that they had on their property. Shortly after the first build we remove the rental part the site and it now strictly for Cookies Country Greenhouse.  This site served them well for 5 years,  but we decided in 2014 update their site to a WordPress website.  The primary reason for the upgrade was to get their site mobile friendly and to give them the ability to edit their own site.

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