Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast Website built by GTL Web DesignBack in 2010 we designed a new website for the Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast.  The customer chose ‘’ as their URL.  The business was owned at the time by an out of state investor who had hired a local Alaskan to manage the business. He was a chef and had a background in the food industry that made him a good fit for a bed and breakfast.

The Research for Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast

We first started by doing a little research and found that women make most of the decisions for travel and hence also the reservations, even if only the man is doing the traveling, she is the one making the decisions for travel.  With that in mind, we geared the site with the female audience in mind.  For our colors we chose chocolate brown with bright pink as the highlight color and gave the site a more romantic feel of a rustic Alaskan log cabin overlooking Katchemak Bay and 5 different glaciers.

The thumbnail doesn’t show it, but we used a flash slideshow with a collages of images from our local Alaska.  One of our first images (not show in slideshow) was  a set of 2 champagne glasses in a romantic settings.  We had some of Homer classic wildlife in the slideshow.  Orca’s in Katchemak Bay,  Otters that frolic in our bay,  newborn moose that appear every spring. The customer loved it!

A Partial Re-design

Chocolate Drop Mountain Sportsman Lodge ReDesignAbout a year later,  a new manager took over and decided they didn’t want the Bed and Breakfast image and  they wanted a more masculine hunters lodge feel, so we changed the name of the site to Chocolate Drop Mountain Sportsman Lodge but we kept the URL, and of course the ‘pink’ had to go!  We gave it a more masculine look and changed out some of the more ‘romantic’ images like the wine glasses and the cute baby moose with more ‘masculine’ ones such as a trophy bull moose, we changed some copy around and relaunched it with it’s new look.

Unfortunate about a year later they changed managers again.  We were informed that they had a designer of their own and our relationship with Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast came to an end. I hadn’t looked at their website in years, so I first did a search for their old domain name.  Nothing came up!   I then did a search for Chocolate Drop Bed & Breakfast and again,  nothing came up except a bunch of directory listings. I did several other searches with different keywords with the same results. So either they no longer have a website or there site has been blacklisted by the search engines.

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