Throw Back Thursday – Fix My Photo

Fix My Photo built in 2007 Fix My Photo .com was a static style tutorial website that was built back in 2007 which stayed live until 2013.  The site actually generated a token amount of income even though the site was built mostly as a learning tool.

You can’t see this on the front page but the site uses an interactive Flash player where you can rollover some text and an example of that correction would be displayed. The site was broken into 3 sections depending on the difficulty  of the image repair: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and each page had it’s own interactive flash player. Lastly is had a contact page (no contact form) just information. I generated all the navigation button by hand and was a fun site to build.

The site was still built using external Cascading Style sheets (CSS) and ‘Divs’ instead of tables.   We have never designed a website using table and I am surprised how many website, even today, are build using tables.

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