Cookies Country GreenhouseCookies Country Greenhouse in Homer Alaska is our longest standing client and we are pleased they have chosen us as their web designer for so many years.  We first developed a static website for Ron and Cooking back in 2009, it originally was a dual site serving their greenhouse and a rental unit that they had on their property. Shortly after the first build we remove the rental part the site and it now strictly for Cookies Country Greenhouse.  This site served them well for 5 years,  but we decided in 2014 update their site to a WordPress website.  The primary reason for the upgrade was to get their site mobile friendly and to give them the ability to edit their own site.

Preparing for Spring at Cookies Country Greenhouse

Cookies Country Greenhouse 2014Cookies Country Greenhouse starts each year well before the snow melts preparing your plants that they had shipped from their supplier in the dead of winter.  They plant the sprouts and set them under grow lights so they will be ready to plant in you local gardens when spring appears.  Much love and care goes into each plant as it matures.  As spring approaches,  each plant get its own container and they also start building their trademark hanging baskets that you see all around town.  When summer appears and everyone is ready to plant their gardens,  Cookies is ready.

Switching Gears

Their season is short, by July, everyone is pretty much done planting ornamental plants so Cookies Country Greenhouse switches gears to vegetables which were started earlier in the spring.  Cookies now houses 3 greenhouses  and a chicken coup at the nursery on East Rd.  and a 2nd greenhouse and chicken coup on their Circle B Ranch off North Fork Road. You can also find her at the Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday.  As well as plants, you can get your organic eggs,, bat and bird houses, and potting supplies as well. If you find yourself on East End Road or are in need of greenery for your garden, supplies or food for your table, drop by Cookies Country Greenhouse this spring!


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