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Monthly MaintenanceMonthly back-ups and maintenance play a vital role in the health of your web site. WordPress is a dynamic growing Content Management System, always improving it’s operating system as well as all the great plug-in coders that keeps WordPress at the forefront of web development.  With this in mind,  WordPress is constantly updating their system, as well as all the plug-in coders making monthly maintenance and updates a must to keep up with all the forward progress of WordPress.

Up till recently, we were only doing quarterly maintenance and updates,  but we have noticed that many sites would have up to 8 or 9 plug-ins needing updates at the end of a quarter, so we have decided to change that to a monthly service to keep up with the ever changing WordPress.  Maintenance and updates are now done just after a monthly back-up keeping your site healthy and functional!

In the event of a crashed site or corrupt files our back up services provide the ability to replace only the part of your site that is needs to replaced.  Most back up programs require a full re-install , causing your site to be down for a period of time.  With our back-up service,  the visitors to your site may never notice anything has ever gone wrong!