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SMO text with gearsI’m asked many times how social marketing works and I’m to told “I don’t need a blog,  I use Facebook and that’s enough.”

If you don’t have a web site, that is enough.  Your goal is complete.  You are drawing viewers where you want them to go!  HOWEVER!  If you have a website and you are promoting your business with Facebook but are not blogging,  you are attempting to draw viewers to 2 separate platforms.

Instead of creating a post on Facebook,  we encourage our customers to first place the post on their web site (blog). This creates an active website with constantly changing or growing content (Google likes this).

Then share your blog with your social outlets.  For you, it may only be Facebook. Others, may incorporate social media’s such as Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn etc.   This does several things,  it creates a link from  your website to a social media site. Then when someone wants to look at the social media post, they click on it and they are taken to the website.  Now your website has visitors!!  Lastly, others may want to share your social media post and now there is a double link coming to your website and added visitors to your website.

We can help you set up your social media platform that will help create traffic to your website without creating ton’s of extra work!