Trusting ReviewsI’ve always questioned what I read when it came to trusting review.  There is always someone with a chip on their shoulder about a product. On the other hand,  there are those who place false review on the behalf of the product, but I’ve never questioned those from 3rd party reviews.

Case in point.  I’ve been trying to find a good car rental software service for a small business that would fit my clients needs.  I found one, but it wasn’t exactly what they wanted.  They did some of their own research and found a different one they liked.  They downloaded a 1 month free trial and the software was exactly what they wanted,  however, that’s where it ended.

Contact with the Easy Rent Pro was near impossible.  I would call them on different day,  at different hours.  When the message service wasn’t full, my phone messages were never returned.  Email was the same, never returned.

This should have been enough message not to buy their service, however, the software was exactly what they needed, so we forged forward.  We bought their online version and sent them the information to get things going.  After a week,  I hadn’t heard anything from them.  After 2 months and several emails, they had not delivered what they said they would and they then told us that their software didn’t work with WordPress, but we could create a link from the front page to the software and that would work.  NOT what the client wanted!

I went to,  a website that’s primary function is reviews.  I looked up Easy Rent Pro and found all their reviews were stellar, except the most recent one.  The last review had a very similar problem we had with the company.

One week later, I returned to and found that that bad review had been removed.  I place my own review and was sent a message that it had been received but it never made it to the website.  The  only conclusion I can come up with is that they remove negative reviews of the products but only left the stellar ones in.

I would question trusting reviews from the a company’s own website, but I have generally trusted reviews coming from a 3rd party sources.  There were plenty of red flags not to use this software,  but it concerns me that a 3rd party reviewer would skew the reviews by omitting bad reviews.

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