Winter surfing in Homer AlaskaSpring and Summer

This post has nothing to do with Web Design but it does have everything to do with doing business in Alaska.  In summer, when the day’s are long,  we find that they become shorter.  We have to much to do and to many demands.  We are overwhelmed.  With us, it clients wanting a new website, re-designs on their old.  Some website need fixing or updating but there is not a shortage of work. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not complaining.  we love it!  We are not alone. Fisherman are out fishing,  and the town is bustling with tourist from all over the world. Businesses that are shut down 9 months out of year are eagerly vying for enough business to get them through the winter.

Then there’s the what living in Alaska’s all about.  Salmon fishing, halibut fishing,  dip-netting for reds,  then as the summer progresses there is moose hunting, bear hunting on the Kenai.  In other parts of Alaska, there is Caribou, Musk Ox and Dall Sheep and more.  If your not a hunter or a fisherman, there is kayaking, birdwatching, hiking, and bear watching.  Day’s are long and there’s never enough time or energy in a day to do everything one want to do. On the Kenai,  at one point,  the darkest it get’s is dusk and farther north the sun doesn’t even set.

Then comes Fall

Then fall hits.  The day’s get shorter and the day’s feel longer. Before you know it,  Christmas is over and January and February hit.  Ugh!  On the Kenai,  the sun comes up after 9 am and is down by 4:30.  If your farther north,  the sun may not even rise till mid January. Business in Alaska during the winter is slow and everyone is hunkered down waiting for…..yup,  Summer!  The fortunate ones are far from Alaska in some exotic place like Hawaii or Fuji. Some find their way to Mexico or Arizona.  The population in our town plummets with all the tourist gone and half the residents hiding somewhere warmer.

Then Finally comes Winter in Alaska

There are a few winter activities to do in Alaska, skiing – both cross-country and downhill, snow-shoeing, sledding (the slang for snow-machining / snowmobiling to those in the lower 48) and surfing.  Yup,  some of our locals only surf in the winter when the swells come in just right that make for great surfing conditions. I find this the best time to get caught up on what is happening in the SEO arena, update my website.,  fine tune my own site’s SEO and look at what my clients might need for the upcoming summer. We look at changes in the industry and add new skills to our arsenal. As summer again appears,  you won’t see as many post on my website or entry’s on my social page because there isn’t enough time in one day to do what I need/want to do!

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